Student Loans. Simplified.

SLOAN is a financial technology platform that blends payment solutions and charitable giving to efficiently manage and eliminate your student loans. Pay weekly. Pay monthly. Pay highest loans first. Use purchase round ups. Get help from anyone, anywhere, anytime, for any reason. Invite your employer to sign up for a student loan benefit plan. Get discounts from some of your favorite brands.

Manage. Save. Share.

SLOAN helps you pay off your debt faster, save time on your loan, and get help from others.


Student Debt Accrued Every Second

Manage Your Loans in One App

One log in. One intuitive dashboard. All your loans.

Take Years Off Your Loans

Use round ups. Direct pay. Employee benefit programs.

With Help From Others

Birthdays. Holidays. Wedding Registries. And more...


Get help from others on SLOAN.

SLOAN notifies you anytime someone contributes to your student loans and allows you to contribute to others within the SLOAN community who need help just like you.

Loans Payments on Auto-Pilot

Easily make one-time, monthly or weekly payments to pay down your student loans faster.

SMART Saving Calculator

Calculate your savings based on extra payments to your loan(s) and turn on a repayment plan with a single tap.

We Integrate With Most Student Loan Lenders

Connect your loan safely and securely with your student loan lender. Please visit the FAQ’s for a list of all lenders we connect with.

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